Miss in Korean

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Life is full of things and people we miss. For instance, we can miss an opportunity, a scheduled appointment or miss the chance to do something. The word “miss” can also be used when speaking about emotions. For instance, we can miss a loved one or a friend.

In Korea, when one would like to say “I miss you,” the person can say “Bogo Shipseupnida보고 싶습니다 or “Bogo Ship-uh.” 보고 싶어. The difference is that “Bogo Ship-uh,” 보고 싶어 is a friendly and casual way of speaking to someone with the same or lower social rank than you. The phrase “Bogo Shipseupnida보고 싶습니다 on the other hand, is used to address a person you respect or someone who has a higher social standing such as a senior, or a boss, or an older person. In other words, a boss, older person or someone your senior are usually spoken to using formal expressions. In the Korean language, formal expressions should also be used when addressing parents and older persons as well. Casual expressions are acceptable to use when addressing friends.

In English, the word “miss” is also used when speaking about someone we lose or when speaking about “losing” something. Someone who misses how things used to be might say “I miss the old days” which translates as “Na-neun Yetnal-eul Guriwuh-handa.” 나는 옛날을 그리워한다. Likewise, someone who misses a spouse might say “I miss you, dear” which in Korean is “Dangshin-i Bogo Shipseupnida.” 당신이 보고 싶습니다.

“Miss” may also be used to mean “to fail” to complete something, in which case you use “Nohtchida” 놓치다. To say “I missed the target” in Korean, you say “Na-neun Tagit-eul Nohtchuhtda.” 나는 타겟을 놓쳤다. In this example, “Nohtcuhtda” 놓쳤다 was used and it is the past tense of “Nohtchida” 놓치다.놓치다.

In the English language, the word “Miss” can also be utilized to refer to an unmarried woman. However, in Korean the nearest translation to the word “Miss” when speaking about an unmarried woman would be the word “Agassi.” 아가씨. But you should never say “Agassi” 아가씨 followed by a name. Simply say Agassi 아가씨.아가씨

Life is full of things and people we can miss and yearn for. For example we can miss a chance to do something, or we can miss a loved one. We might also call a woman “Miss” if she is unmarried.