The Word for Cute in Korean

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There are various meanings of the word “cute” in the Korean language. It is usually used to describe things that are small or people that are lovely or good looking. For instance, when cute is used to describe small things, one can say that they saw a cute small doll or a cute tiny house. There is likewise another meaning for cute that has nothing to do with sizing but rather looks on how charming, pleasing, or attractive a person is.  For example, you could refer to someone with a dashing smile as being “cute.”

In Korean, the word “guiyuhwoon” 귀여운 is used to describe something or someone as being “cute.” To say the phrase “truly cute”, use “Jungmal guiyuhwoon.” 정말 귀여운. The following are a few phrases using the term “cute” to better show how it is used. A cute kid is “guiyuhwoon ai” 귀여운 아이 in Korean. The Korean phrase “guiyuhwoon chingu” 귀여운 친구 means “a cute pal.” To convey that the baby is cute, say “guiyuhwoon agi.” 귀여운 아기The word cute is used to describe everyday items, so to say “a cute doll” the phrase “guiyuhwoon inhyung” 귀여운 인형 is used.

To say “there is a cute kid” in Korean use the phrase “Guiyuhwoon aiga itda.” 귀여운 아이가 있다. If you wish to say that “…… is really a cute pal,” you can say “…..-neun jungmal guiyuhwoon chingu-ida.” ….는 정말 귀여운 친구이다. Another sentence using the word “cute” is “Guiyuhwoon agiga unda” 귀여운 아기가 운다 which means “A cute baby is crying.”

When the word “cute” is used to refer to someone thought to be attractive it can be used as in following. The Korean phrase for “a cute woman” is “guiyuhwoon yuhja.” 귀여운 여자. The Korean expression for “a cute girl” is the same phrase.  “Guiyuhwoon namja” 귀여운 남자 is the Korean expression used for “a cute guy”. If you see a cute couple, you can say “guiyuhwoon couple.” 귀여운 커플.

Once vocabulary is memorized it becomes easier to create simple sentences.  The sentence “That girl is cute” translates to “Juh yuhja guiyupda.” 저 여자 귀엽다. Alternatively, when saying, “That guy is cute” the translation of this in Korean is “Juh namja guiyupda.” 저 남자 귀엽다. When you would like to say “You dance adorably”, use “Nuneun Choomeul Guiyupge Choonda.” 너는 춤을 귀엽게 춘다.

As always there are other words in the Korean language that has the same meaning as the word “cute.” It may be used to mean attractive as in the sentence “You are attractive” or “Nuneun Maeryukjukida.” 너는 매력적이다. Another similar word is “Adorable” or “little” which is “angjeungmazeun” 앙증맞은 in Korean. So, you can say “She is adorable” as “Geunyuhneun Sarangsurupda.” 그녀는 사랑스럽다. “Sarangsuruhwoon” 사랑스러운 is the Korean word for “lovable.” And finally, “ahgijagihan” 아기자기한 is the term for “enchanting.” If used in a sentence then one could say “My room is charmingly decorated” or “Neh Bang-eun Ahgijagihada” 내방은 아기자기하다 in Korean.

The term “cute” is a very useful word that anyone who wishes to learn Korean should know. The term can be useful when making small talk or when the need comes up to complement someone or whenever it is necessary to give a remark about how nice something is.