English Language Translated to Korean

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When studying another language, it will be beneficial if one learns the basics so that in time one will know the way to translate common English terms into Korean words. To say the phrase “Korean-English translation” one could use “Hanyeong buhnyuhk” 한영 번역. Furthermore, the term for “Korean” when speaking about the language is “Hangeul” “한글. When speaking about the English language the word for “English” is “Yeong-uh” 영어. The word for “translation” in Korean is “buhnyuhk” 번역.

You will find numerous words and phrases frequently used in everyday Korean conversations. The greeting “good morning” could be translated into Korean as “joh-eun ahchim-ipnida” 좋은 아침 입니다. To greet a person “good night,” the phrase in Korean is “annyeonghee jumuseyo” 안녕히 주무세요. Best friends say “hi” using the casual greeting “annyeong” 안녕. In contrast, when speaking to visitors or those in higher positions, or older people then one should say “annyeonghaseyo” 안녕하세요 which also means “hello.”

Chats that begin with a nice “hi” usually end with a fitting “farewell.” To say “goodbye,” in Korea a phrase that can be used is “Annyeonghee gaseyo” 안녕히가세요 if the person you are talking to is the one leaving. If you are the one going away then the person with whom you are talking with might tell you “Annyeonghee gehseyo” 안녕히계세요. To show that you are grateful you could say the words “Thank you” which translates as “Gamsahapnida” 감사합니다 in the Korean language. To respond to someone who tells you “thank you” you could respond with “Chuhnman-eh-yo” 천만에요 which means “You are welcome.” When greeting a person using the expression “Nice to meet you” this would translate as “Mannasuh bangapseupnida” 만나서 반갑습니다 in the Korean language. To tell a person “I’ll see you later” the phrase for that is “Najoong-eh bwayo” 나중에 뵈요 나중에 봐요.

Someone learning Korean will discover that just as in the English language, there are many frequently used words and phrases in Korean. Learning these words will involve much memorization.  Listed here are some English words with the Korean translation. The verbs “walk” and “fly” in Korean are “guhtda” 것다 and “nalda” 날다respectively. The word for “laugh” in Korean is “utda” 웃다and similarly the word for “giggle” can be translated as “kilkil utda” 킬킬 웃다.

The opposite of the word laugh is “weep” and “ulda” 울다 is the Korean word for “weep.” In the Korean language “bimyung jireuda” 비명 지르다 means “shout” and the word used when one wants to say “open” the word for that is“yuhlda” 열다. The opposite of “open” is “close” and “datda” 닫다means “close” in Korean.

If you would like to learn more Korean terms, there are many means of doing so. You might also want to study about the culture, traditions, and basic facts about the country.  The knowledge will assist you to learn more about the language.