Beautiful in Korean

“Areumdapda,” is a term used for the word “beautiful,” though the people of Korea often use the word, “Yepuda,” (pretty) to mean the same thing. Just like in other cultures, Koreans are conscious of beauty and features and therefore, the words “Areumdapda,” and “Yepuda” can be heard from time to time in their normal conversation.

Korean history dates back thousands of years. Korea is now divided into two states though it was initially one big territory of East Asia. Due to its location, it was open to attack from the neighboring countries.

The older people of Korea narrate many stories, to their children, about the lives they led, when they did not have enough time for leisure. Today, they try to make up for those years by spending more time with their families. They often recall the past and feel sad about the difficult times and estranged relationships, due to invasions and war. The younger generation appreciates the hard work of their elders and from time to time can be heard making comments aging gracefully. Some claim that “the beauty of aging is the true beauty” (Jinjunghan Areumdawoom-ida”).

Visitors to Korea often comment on the beautiful people (areumdawoon saramdeul) and their courteous ways. As you travel from one region to another in Korea, one is amazed (gamtanhada) at the beautiful scenery (areumdawoon poong-gyeong). The mountains in the East and West of Korea are magnificently breathtaking and one can see the stark difference between North and South Korea as one travels to each of these destinations. Major palaces have been restored in Seoul, which is the capital of South Korea. Here you see many high rise buildings and hotels that are very modern. There has been a lot of change in the way people dress and their outlook on life, as compared to what it was, a few decades ago.

It should be noted that “areumdapda” and “yepuda” both can mean beautiful however the opposite of “Areumdapda,” or “Yepuda,” is “Napuda,” (bad) or “Mohtseng-gyuhtda” (ugly). Other words used to say that something is not “pretty” or “beautiful” are “Yhuhkgyuhpda “(gross) and “Bulgyujlhada” (filthy). One can say, “Oneul-eun Nalssigah Uwoolhada” to literally mean, “the weather is gloomy today.”

Visiting Korea is a delightful experience for people, who wish to experience a pleasant blend of the modern with the ancient traditions. The mix of culture and tradition is especially appealing and attractive to those who visit and experience the Far East. There are many museums, palaces and ancient buildings that can be explored and many things to do and see.

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