Learning Korean Language

Check out the video below and listen to the audio sample for learning Korean language.

More about the audio:

* Practice speaking Korean and hear the English meaning by using audio.

* Listen to the Korean words and hear the meaning in English. Get the text version of what is said
in the audio.

* Learn to speak the Korean language using the formal, casual formal and informal ways of saying things. Many ignore the fact that Koreans have a formal way of speaking when speaking to strangers, bosses, older people etc. and Koreans have a casual formal way of speaking with acquaintances etc. and Koreans have an informal way of speaking with best friends, loved ones etc. These ways of speaking (formal, casual formal,informal) are presented in the audio.

* In the audio the Korean words are spoken by a native speaker and are spoken relatively slowly.

* The audio has vocabulary words, phrases, sentences, expressions and many of the words and phrases are used in examples.

* There is no complicated software to download. You will have access to Korean language whose goal is to help you to start speaking Korean. There is also text, that you can read and use to follow what is being said.

* Some of the things you will learn to say include: how to say hello, how to ask questions, singular words and their plural, words used for family members, some common word endings in Korean and more.

Listen to the additional audio samples below:


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